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Surgical Equipment & Supplies

Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Abdominal Pads ITEM No Dis- 2, Alcohol Swabs ITEM No Dis- 36, Colostomy Kit, Corrugated breathing tubes and Dressing Jars.

Abdominal Pads ITEM No Dis- 2

D-MD 2012 INTRODUCTION  Surgery and post-surgery situations are generally perceived to make utmost use of Absorbent Gauze Products in cleaning blood-flood area, cover the wounds etc. For the cited applications Absorbent Gauze Products should be of actively hygienic class. Threads of the  Absorbent Gauze  are so selected so that it applies least potency on the wounded area. These Gauzes are commonly appreciated in rolls or ribbons forms. They are also available in marketplace with different length-width ratio - as required by users.  RAMEDICO Sun Labtek, hereby, manufactures best in class Absorbent Gauze Products to meet diverse needs of its domains. Gauze products of RAMEDICO are staggeringly premeditated under administration of dignified workers and experienced team of technicians. Even minute measurement has been taken care of and Absorbent Gauze Products so produced by this company are of standard and treated material that are undeniably reliable.  Salient Features and Benefits of RAMEDICO Absorbent Gauze Products:-    Soft and smooth texture    Light weighted    100% contamination free and Hygienic    High rate of absorption    Available in width range - 36", 40" and 48"    Cotton yarn  used - 26s, 30s as well as 40s    Different length ranging from 16 meters, 20 meters and up to 100 meters    With/ without X-ray visible thread    Competitive in open market Gauze Products manufactured by RAMEDICO Pvt. Ltd include Gauze Swab, Cotton Gauze Cloth, Gauze Roll and many more. RAMEDICO Absorbent Gauze Products are considerably bleached to give impressive whiteness to it. Moreover, the products are unequivocally free from odour and fabric defect viz. cotton seeds, leaves etc.

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Alcohol Swabs ITEM No Dis- 36

D-MD 5024 INTRODUCTION  All minor and majors wounds should be covered carefully in order to protect it from filths and infectious germs. Such wounds can be safely covered using adhesive bandages. Later are if great significance either in post-surgery dressing cases or directly on body parts. To meet the requirements of masses various types of Bandages are manufactured by many companies across the country. They are different in shapes, sizes, thickness as well as features.  RAMEDICO Sub Labtek assures world-class highly comfortable Bandages to its domains to take care of their wounds courteously. Variety in its shapes and sizes may aid immensely. Gauze Bandages, Triangular Bandages, Tube Bandages as well as Compression Bandages � all are skilfully produced and exported by RAMEDICO.  RAMEDICO has always delivered promised products to its clients and hence, Bandages, as prepared by tall qualified workers, are steadfast and sensitive to users. Bandages prepared by our company are of thick fabric and porous adhesive to provide proper ventilation to the skin.  Advanced Features and Benefits of RAMEDICO Bandages:-    100% Hygienic    Woven fast edges    Adhesive and waterproof in nature    Sensitive to skin    With or without antiseptic strips    20% Zinc Oxide as mild antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory    Width � 2.5 cm    Various lengths � 10cm, 30cm, 1m    Pre-treated and well sterilized Diverse collection of Bandages manufactured by RAMEDICO Pvt. Ltd. are widely appreciated by whole range of hospitals, nursing homes as well as homes for personal use. We value comfort of patients and individuals and hence, RAMEDICO�s Bandages are too comfortable to be used even at restricted body parts. 

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Colostomy Kit

D-MD 7011 INTRODUCTION  Gastroenterology  embraces entire digestive between mouth and the anus through alimentary canal. Any intrusion or defect in any of the later parts can be observed using instruments for Gastroenterology. The instruments are of diverse design and shape specified for particular part of digestive system. A common part includes a long pipe with light and camera on its head. This pipe is inserted through mouth or anus to get view of different parts of digestive system viz. stomach, duodenum, colon etc.  RAMEDICO Sun Labtek manufactures and exports wide range of  Gastroenterological  instruments with no-error functionality. Different instruments manufactured by us include - Gastroscope for Stomach, Duodenoscope for Duodenum, Colonoscope for colon, Enteroscope for intestines and more. Whole instruments are of premium eminence and are mass-produced under supervision highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians. We are designated to offer best from our bag to provide complete satisfaction to our domains.  Advanced Features and Benefits of RAMEDICO Gastroenterology Instruments :-         Wholly certified and prepared under pharmaceutical parameters    All components at one place    High resolution camera fitted    Free from contamination    Sensitive to tissues    Flawless and long lasting performance    Competitive in entire medical arena RAMEDICO Pvt. Ltd. understands value of well-being. To diagnose and do away with all types of issues related to  Gastroenterological  tracts we are to provide complete support to the medical institutions.  Medical Instruments and Equipment of RAMEDICO has always been appreciated and used via array of hospitals and healthcare centers.  

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Corrugated breathing tubes

Cat. No. D-AN 3011 INTRODUCTION    There are breathing tubes that are manufactured by Ramedico. They are of different shapes and sizes depending upon the need of the anesthesiologist. These tubes are transparent which allows the medical practitioner to have a better look through the tubes. They also have a good finish at the ends with special design to meet the required standards. These end designs can be easily fitted with the other anesthetic machines and help to maintain a good anesthetic circuit. The product is used for breathing the fresh oxygen by the patient. They are used at the same time to release the exhaled gas which are safely collected in the other waster reservoir.  

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Dressing Jars

D-HH 1011 INTRODUCTION  The Dressing Jars are quite useful and necessitated equipment, used in various hospitals, medical institutes and nursing homes by means of unsoiled containers for storing various dressing materials.  Such materials may include cotton, bandages, disinfectant and ointment etc. free from contamination and are intended to be placed over a wound or diseased tissue during examination, treatment, and/or surgical procedures performed in hospitals, nursing homes, medical institution, and doctors� clinics and for patient care at home.  At  RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek, these jars are available in disposable or reusable cylindrical containers with no handles made of high quality stainless steel or, less frequently, plastic or glass with a tight lid that is usually made of the same material. These dressing jars are safe to use, prevents the breeding of microorganisms and are resistant to corrosion and stain. RAMEDICO  manufactures dressing Jars made of stainless steel that provide long lasting durability. These dressing jars are available in a variety of sizes according to the dressing and/or bandage dimensions. Dressing jars made from this company are easy to wash and portable.  Facets and Benefits of RAMEDICO Dressing Jar:- .    High quality stainless steel .    Corrosion and Stain  resistant  .    Easy to handle and maintenance .    Long lasting .    With/ without green stuff coating RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek hereby, produces dressing jars that are hygienically safe.  RAMEDICO  offers these Dressing Jars at affordable price amidst premium eminence to cover wholly need and desire of its clients.

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Hospital Holloware

Ramedico also has a range of products that are used for the processes of surgery. They include dressing jar, instrument box, instrument sterilizer, instrument tray, kidney jar, sputum mug etc. They are used to store the necessary tools required during surgery and during the process of dressing. While manufacturing these products, it is kept in mind that they are well shaped and spacious enough to avoid cluttering of tools. The easy to lock mechanism of these products also keeps the surgery tools in place and easy to carry around.

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Laryngeal Mask

INTRODUCTION  The laryngeal mask is designed to keep the nasal passage of the patient open during the administration of anesthetic products. It helps the patient to breathe and also maintains a regular flow of oxygen and nitrous oxide into the lungs. Thus making it easy to keep the patient ventilated during the process of a surgery or operation. The laryngeal mask designed by Ramedico is comfortable to use and comes with a smooth finish. The equipment prevents any blocking of the airway due to its high quality finishing and design. Also they of reusable quality and can also be easily cleaned.

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INTRODUCTION  Cup feeding medicine  hollowware are commonly used to provide medicine in liquid form to infants and those patients who cannot swallow their own. Cup feeding medicines are proven very beneficial in hospitals due to its convenient use for giving medicines in such cases. RAMEDICO Sun Labtek has provided superlative norms in providing  Cup Medicine Feeding hollowware in the market amidst best quality and unparalleled designs. Ramedicos  Medicine Feeding Cups  are well premeditated under supervision of highly experienced technicians and engineers to meet its best utility in hospitals as well as home.  Cup Medicine Feeding  hollowware are available in different materials and size. RAMEDICO always maintains its dignity by providing the finest hollowware in the hospital or medical centres that are made by using. Key Features of Cup Medicine Feeding manufactured by RAMEDICO    Best design for easy grip to hold.    Smooth funnel for easy and comfortable pouring of medicine    Its bacterial resistance covering technology prevents it from any.    Have smooth surface and edges that makes it harmless.    Available in different shapes and materials.    Easy to sterilised.    Has a reservoir shaped feeding lip highly pliable easy to clean & handle. RAMEDICO Pvt. Ltd. manufactured medicine feeding

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Bipap Machine

INTRODUCTION  BiPAP machine or Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure machine are generally used to supply air through pressure in case of oxygen deficit cases. Such patients are provided with mouth-nose piece to be adjusted in manner to cover both parts and other end is connected with BiPAP machine. Latter is designed to show details of amount and pressure of air supplied, or to be supplied by pressure control ventilation. It looks like nothing more than a modem but functions intelligently with digital screen and switches. The machine is usually placed in ICU of hospitals. Similar BiPAP machines are also manufactured by  RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek. The company is well reputed name in preparation of medical and healthcare equipment. BiPAP machines so premeditated by  RAMEDICO  is fully equipped thru up-to-date and error-free technology. Body is designed in plastic to make it look attractive and easy to be carried as well as placed. BiPAP machines prepared by RAMEDICO is also efficient to be worked at home for bed-ridden.  Aspects and Benefits of RAMEDICO BiPAP Machines:- .    Sleek, attractive design .    Handy to be used at hospitals (ICU) or home as well .    Auto-alarm facility .    Noise level  less than 30dBA .    Operative keys/ knobs are illuminated for best perceptibility .    Backlit LCD Screen with automatic turn down system .    Cost friendly RAMEDICO  Pvt. Ltd. bulk of BiPAP machine and each unit is tested and tried carefully to avoid even a minor defect.   

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kellys douche pad

INTRODUCTION  Kellys Douche Pad  is a medical equipment used widely in Indian hospitals to funnel the blood into the collection device. This makes surgeons� task easy to locate the exact location of hemorrhage during the operation. Such Douche Pads made for blood funneling purpose are made of stainless steel and/ or other metals. Rubber Douche Pads are also fabricated these days to provide comfort to the patients as well as surgeons and assistants. A pump is attached to the rubber pad which helps filling air to the pads and create space inside it.  RAMEDICO Sun Labtek prepares likewise  Kellys Douche Pads  comprising of rubber that provides comfort to the patients. We have taken immense care of patients� requirement during the operation process when it is a crucial time for them. Douche Pads manufactured by us is of pre-treated rubber and can be reused for the other patients without fear of contamination.  RAMEDICO�s rubber Douche Pads are inflated with help of single bellow/ pump attached to it. Furthermore, we use best in class raw materials to provide durability to the equipment for it can be used for different purposes like enema treatment or frequent urination. It is easily adjustable and with seamless moulded technique.  Our exclusively premeditated Douche Pads can be certainly stored by washing, deflating and folding it. Douche Pad units of our company are ISO certified and appreciated by many healthcare centers. 

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Ring Pessaries

INTRODUCTION  Pessary is an instrument used to give support to the vagina, uterus, rectum or bladder. It is inserted in the vagina to treat the prolapse of the uterus or cervical incompetence in pregnancy. A  Ring Pessary can be an excellent alternative to surgery.  It is also used to give right position to the uterus.  RAMEDICO manufactured  Ring Pessaries  are tending to be easiest for both doctors and patients to use. The Pessary can be placed temporarily or permanently and it must be fitted by Doctors or physicians. Doctors provide training to the patient on how to remove, clean and reinsert the Pessary on regular basis.  RAMEDICO is one of the leading service provider of the  Ring Pessary  which is available with support and without support. These can be availed in different sizes ranging from 2 inch to 3.5 inch which can be suited to all patients. It is made by superior quality of flexible raw material which gives comfort to the patient at the time of insertion and during the use also.  Key Features and Benefits of RAMEDICO Ring Pessaries:-    Friendly to skin    Comfortable    Flexible    Suitable for all types of patients RAMEDICO Pvt. Ltd. delivers extensive product range in  Ring Pessaries  which are made by best material and suited to all patients without any side effects and meet international quality standards.

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INTRODUCTION  Traditionally , to cease extreme bleeding from external organs of a human being caused howsoever, an inelastic elongated object like a stick, staff, rod or bar, etc. tied to a strap were used as  Tourniquets . Later is worked by wrapping the strap circumferentially over the organ and twisting the baton to tighten the bandage, compressing the skin and underlying tissues of the limb, occluding blood circulation both venous and arterial.   Tourniquets  now-a-days are substantially modified by RAMEDICO Sun Labtek and are highly advanced than the traditional ones. Ramedico Tourniquets, can be majorly used for patients in a life-threatening state caused by over-bleeding as well as for orthopedic and plastic surgery, or intravenous regional anesthesia. Salient Features and Benefits of RAMEDICO Tourniquets:-    Made of high strength materials of sustainable quality    Quality adaptive to extreme temperatures    Voidable to chances of being accidentally released or mechanically failed    Ideal for kit purposes and IV stations    Range is affordable and suitable to pocket    Anti-allergic and sensitive to skin Made of such strong, tear-resistant material along with significant elastic design, our tourniquets are comfortable on a patient�s skin and are easy to be handles by one or all. We succeed best in availing our products at prices reasonable and feasible to our customers satisfying quality and brand level along-while. Ramedico  Tourniquets  are prominent to damage and free of blemish, unless physical, for a long term of time span.

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