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Other Products / Services

Our product range comtains a wide range of ZOP Plaster ITEM, Electroconvulsive Therapy Machine, T.E.N.S. Slimmer 4 Channel, Continuous Passive Motion Syst and Blood Management set

ZOP Plaster ITEM

D-MD 3011 INTRODUCTION  Open wounds invite intrusions inside it and cause severe infection to the blood and other parts of body. To prevent from the later, wounds are covered using cotton wools or gauze which in turn are kept intact with help of Adhesive Tapes. Such tapes are expressly manufactured so as to provide no damage to the skin and can be easily removed. Intention and outline of Adhesive Tapes are same as normal tapes that are used in stationeries. What makes it different is its gentle and suave texture along with unhygienic and safety facet. Adhesive Tapes, thence, are also referred as First Aid Tapes. RAMEDICO Sun Labtek manufactures, exports and supplies wide verities of Adhesive Tapes to provide smooth gentle first aid to masses with less effort. Fine quality First Aid Tapes from RAMEDICO comprise of high grade substantial from reliable purveyor. RAMEDICO�s Tapes are unparalleled in medical arena and yet, are competitive in range. Salient Features and Benefits of RAMEDICO Adhesive Tapes:-            Wholly Hygieni            Featherlike weight            Soft and gentle to skin             Zinc Oxide Base            Resistant to water            Diverse Dimensions offered � 1inch x 5m, 2inch x 5m etc.           Pre-treated and well sterilized           Supportive in covering minor as well as major surgical wounds RAMEDICO Pvt. Ltd. is a name that delivers range of benefits to its customers and products� users. Adhesive Tapes prepared by RAMEDICO are not merely to help in covering small wounds but also, are used in post-surgical gashes. RAMEDICO Tapes are downright, pressure-sensitive and proficient in holding tissues and closing gaps effectively.  

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Electroconvulsive Therapy Machine

D-PE 9011 INTRODUCTION  Electro Convulsive Therapy machine, or ECT machine was used in old traditional days to treat mentally ill patients. It is believed that this machine brings about change in pattern of brains blood which in turn changes the metabolism and gives effective upshot. This used to be practiced before the era for medication was introduced for depressed or schizophrenic patients. However, studies have revealed that the therapy given to those patients gave positive results and the practice for such therapy, now, has been continued. To support this practice efficiently,   RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek is contributing by dexterously manufacturing Electro Convulsive Therapy machines with manual and automatic current supply functionality. Currents, frequency, threshold value as well as time can be preset as per requirement. Auto-alarm system will let you know about the completion of the session.  Working with  RAMEDICO ECT  machine is safe for it is premeditated thru shock-proof techniques. Knobs and switches so fitted on it are provided with precise tuning of the quantity. LCD display on face of the machine shows digital figure of respective parameters to obtain absolute output.  Ill practicing of such therapy on delicate mental patients may result in topsy-turvy circumstances. Hence, our proficient team of engineers and technicians have thoughtfully designed auto-stop functionality that can stop the machine automatically when session is over.  This will safeguard the patients from extra current to their brains.   ET machines manufactured at  RAMEDICO  Pvt. Ltd. are well recognized and certified by pharmaceutical industries. We offer best-in-market equipment along with potential of flawless performance. 

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T.E.N.S. Slimmer 4 Channel

D-PE 1211 INTRODUCTION  The idea of becoming slim and sleek to look gorgeous has been followed for many decades now. On the other side, fatigue and obesity are the root cause of several diseases including cardiac ones. Slim stature is required not merely to look beautiful but also to remain healthy, fit and fine. Medication may cause side effects but Slimming Therapy is one of the appreciated ways of shredding extra mass.  Slimming Machines are being used by several physiotherapists to shape out the desired figure. Such machines are also competently manufactured our  RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek. We provide eminent Slimming Machines with bulk varieties and versatile facilities. Ranging from Handy Body roller to Standing Slimming tops, we are efficient in all.   Slimming Machines provided by us are crafted with safety circuit and are absolutely shock-proof. The machine is facilitated with auto alarm system to cut off the connection at completion of the sessions. Pre-set programs related to fat reduction are introduced along with timer. Once the session is over the connection goes of automatically. Furthermore, there are different modes for different therapies to be given out for fat loss. Knobs with precise calibration will help adjusting the parameters manually. Our slimming machines call on foreign technologies and are liable to give flawless enactment.  Experience the new era of slimming trend by our hi-tech Slimming Machines those are ISO Certified and appreciated by diverse physio-workers.  

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Continuous Passive Motion Syst

D-PE 1011 INTRODUCTION  This system or apparatus helps in post-operative treatment and to achieve full range of movement or motion .When a trauma or injury happens to soft tissues of human body the surgical procedures are inculcated to repair those tissues. After surgical repair the muscle or muscle group has to be rehabilitated in order to regain its full functionality. This is where a continuous passive motion system plays an important role.   RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek is certified company in manufacturing elite class of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment amidst well-organized and proficient service and support. Our company not only provides physiotherapy equipment but also provide a great assistance for customers and with this interaction we always optimise our products in such a way that they can be easily handled by medical assistants and experts and fulfil all their requirements. The equipment manufactured by highly qualified and skilled technicians of our company is purely reliable and with least error. We use standard proficient raw materials to bestow the equipment with sense of durability. We, at  RAMEDICO , cognize the value of post-operative therapies and hence, the machine prepared by us gives absolute result with no pain or distress. Flawless functioning of our Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) System machine is one of is foremost features and is appreciated by various medical institutions. RAMEDICO Pvt. Ltd.  is one of the esteemed dealers which imports, exports and supplies large records of high-graded physiotherapy equipment and has been able to establish its landmark in this dome.

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Blood Management set

D-MD 6011 INTRODUCTION  Blood Management , or Blood Banking set is broadly used in Blood Banks in order to collect or donate blood from or to the individual. The set compose of a transparent rubber pipe with butterfly needle attached at one end. Other end is attached with lancet that allows dripping flow of blood from bottle to the patient in case of donating blood. Apart from this, Blood Bags, Haemoscale Blood Collection Scale and Mixer, Tube Stripper & Sealer, Manual Plasma Extractor, Platelet Incubator and Platelet Agitator are also components of Blood Management Products.  RAMEDICO Sun Labtek manufactures and supplies world-class comprehensive  Blood Management Products . Every component is manufactured under careful supervision of experts. Materials so used are of tall quality and completely reliable. We are a brand name in medical equipment where whole comfort to domains are provided amidst competitive range in souk.  Advanced Features and Benefits of RAMEDICO Blood Management Equipment:-    All equipment are certified and are prepared under pharmaceutical norms    High grade raw materials offer long-lasting smooth performance    Consistent and repeated blood collection procedure is supported    Easy to be operated by one and all    Available in bulk quantity RAMEDICO Pvt. Ltd. offers surefire result and performance to the customers. Blood donation camp can be installed whenever and wherever required and can take utmost advantage of such Blood Banking Equipment at comparatively low cost. Furthermore, our Blood Management Product can be of excessive aid at disaster faced spot to run immediate blood to the victims. 

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Face Mask Shape-Round

Cat. No. D-AN 9011 INTRODUCTION  Facemasks, manufactured by Ramedico are of different shapes and sizes depending upon the usage of the anesthesia products. They come in for adults and also for children. This product makes up as one of the most essential items of the anesthetic products. They can be couple with breathing circuits to give better effect to the anesthesia administered to the patient. Facemasks are transparent products that have a smooth and comfortable finish. They are also easy to put on a patient. The transparent nature of these product allows to have better control during the process of anesthetic treatment.  

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ice packs

INTRODUCTION  Ice packs  are, generally, used to provide soothing effect on major /minor injuries or swellings one is suffering from. Hence, many medical centres across the country as well as world keep  Icepacks  in their storage area for instant use. Icepack is a cold chain product stored with febrifuge-gel or water in a plastic container. This container is kept in freezer so that it is frozen and is ready to be used when needed. The sufferer can be in the hospital or away from hospital. So, besides its application over the injuries the same is also useful in keeping medicines in addition with vaccines below the temperature of the environs by placing it in portable insulated ampoules. Production of  Icepacks provides  tranquillity in carrying medications from one place to another place at far distance. Advantages of Icepacks:-   Easy to be used plus transportable   Light-weighted   Can be carried in bulk Icepacks  at Ramedico is manufactured using coolant-gel/ water in strong plastic container (cube bottles) and is available in divergent volumes at reasonable range. Container is resistant to damage and is easy to be used and can be stored by medical centres as well as individuals at home. Moreover, Ramedico  Ice packs  are premeditated to be used by shopkeepers to be kept in coolers so that they can preserve food items like meat, dairy products, eggs etc. easily for durable time-period.  

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Circle Absorber Twin Canister

Cat. No. D-AN 6011 INTRODUCTION  Circle absorber is an important equipment to maintain the flow of oxygen and the capture of the released gases in a specialized order. The circle absorber manufactured by Ramedico has been the best in its class. The device has been used to collect the carbon dioxide which is released by the patient due to the process of expiration. It also maintains a unidirectional flow of the air which makes inspiration easy, simple and effective. There are separate aspiratory and expiratory valves which make is safe for the patient to remain in a healthy state. The machine also has separate valves to control the flow of different gases like oxygen and nitrous oxide at different pressures.  

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DSP 10014 INTRODUCTION  An  Apron  is an outer protective garment that covers primarily the front of the body. It may be worn for hygienic and protective reasons. Aprons become necessary to wear in all the hospitals, medical institutes, health clinics and nursing homes etc where there is direct patient contact or contact with body fluids e.g. bed linen, excreta, clinical waste etc. or with items that have been in contact with infectious diseases, such as cloths and books etc. In addition to cloth,   Aprons  can be made from a variety of materials. Rubber aprons are commonly used by persons working with dangerous chemicals, and lead aprons are commonly worn by persons such as X-ray technicians who work near radiation. Similarly, Disposable plastic aprons are also available in market. Plastic  Aprons  are also used in variety of areas of hospitals including isolation wards, patient wards and ICU.  RAMEDICO Sun Labtek offers wide range of Aprons made by cloth, rubber or other material which are used in various hospitals, health clinics and nursing homes. These are stitched to perfection using best quality threads and other material and are easy to wash and are color fastened. Available in customized sizes, designs, cuts,   finishes our range bears the following patterns:    Front pocket    Zipped style    Back strings buttons   Back knot RAMEDICO supplies Aprons  in variety of colours also as in some hospitals, a system exists whereby different coloured aprons are used for specific purposes e.g. for serving meals and performing dressings etc.

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INTRODUCTION  A ventilator is an essential equipment that is used to control the flow of gases in out of the patient�s lungs. The device functions as to channelize the passing of fresh oxygen into the patient the collect the released gases in return. The device is used on patients who are unable to breathe normally under emergency situations. These ventilators developed by  Ramedico  are life saving equipments and thus made of the fines quality. They allow to control the patient�s breathing and monitor the breathing pattern for effective results. It is also fitted with an alarm system that facilitates safety of the patient during emergency conditions.

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INTRODUCTION  A vaporizer is used to deliver the correct amount of the anesthetic agents into the patient. it us one of the most basic equipments that are used during anesthesia. Ramdeico  manufactures a range of vaporizers which are safe and easy to use. They deliver the correct amount of anesthetic vapor to pass through it s chambers and keep the patient in a controlled state of unconsciousness. It is also fitted with safety measures to disallow greater flow of the anesthetic agents than required. It is also sensitive of the fresh gas flowing into the chambers,    agent vapor pressure and the surrounding temperature for best results.

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APPLICATION SYSTEM: a). Peak Load along with on line load b). Maximum elongation with online elongation c). Ultimate Tensile Strength d). Graphical Display of load vs. time e). Graphical Display of elongation vs. time f). Graphic Display of load vs. elongation g). Graphic Display of stress vs. strain h). Complete Statistical Analysis a). Data report management SAFETY FEATURES: a). Machine stops after specimen failure b). Safety against over travel of piston c). Surge protector d). Auto machine diagnosis e). Safety against overload

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Erichsen tester is designed to carry out Erichsen Cupping Test on metals. Quick clamping and manual operation facilitates faster and trouble free working of the machine.; Installation :  It is recommended that the machine is mounted on a rigid table. . Reserves rights of change in the above specification due to constant improvement design. . The dimensions given above are all approximate

  • Technical Data Unit -
    Width of sample mm 70-90
    Thickness of sample mm 0.1-2
    Least count mm 0.01
    Overall Dimensions (Approx) mm 450x500x500
    Net weight (Approx) kg 20
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ful fowlers Hospital Bed ABS Panel

INTRODUCTION  Full fowler beds are used when the patient�s head posture assume to have raised from 45 to 60 degrees of angle and knees to be slightly elevated. These beds are designed to provide rest to the knee and backrest functions simultaneously using single furniture. To provide patient safety and comfort, these beds are facilitated with easy lifting or collapsible side rails. Ramedico , hence, manufactures Full Fowler Beds using genuine quality raw materials to the esteemed customers that provide durability and portability. Virtuous Full Fowler Beds availed by the company are basically, crafted with stainless steel for the head and foot panels which supplies corrosion resistance and high quality casters with brakes to move patients from one place to another without facing inconvenience.  Strategic Features of Full Fowler Beds by  Ramedico :-      .  Used high quality components and accessories     .  Removable & Interchangeable Four section sheet metal top     .  Adjustable back section and knee rest     .  Manually operated crank system for different positions     .  Anti- bacterial powder coated     .  Unparalleled in performance     .  Provision for I.V. Rod.     .  Knockdown construction Ramedico  Sun Labtek Co. offers tall and standard quality materialized Full Fowler Bed at highly competitive prices amid industry for medical equipment. Full Fowler Beds prepared by this company are designed originally using chief innovation scheme with help of an expert team of engineers and technicians, and grants precise supervision while manufacturing of products to provide fullest satisfaction to the customers as well as the users.    

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INTRODUCTION  Semi Fowler beds are designed for the patients who are on-tube feeding and have to be placed their head off the bed, at around 30 degrees of angle. The latter decreases the risk of running the fluid into the lungs. These beds are uniquely designed for provide resting of knee including central or individual braking system which is operated either by cranks or motors.  Ramedico  Sun Labtek offers semi fowler bed comprise of strong and precise steel tubes availed from reliable engineering plastic. Semi Fowler beds from Ramedico offers patient safety by bestowing easily lifting guardrails and adaptable back-rest which provide convenience for the patient in normal as well as critical condition. Furthermore, the company has also taken care of height of beds and has premeditated with universal dimensions to be utilized by adults as well as children.  Key Elements of  Ramedico �s Semi Fowler Beds:-     .  Rectangular M.S. Tube used for Frame Work     .  Uniformly perforated two section mild steel CRCA sheet top     .  Four I.V. Rod supported     .  Back rest system operated by Screw handle     .  Epoxy Powder Coated finishing     .  Affordable price     .  "H" type legs fitted with rubber shoes Ramedico  Sun Labtek has manufactured Semi Fowler Bed using genuine quality raw material to provide customers� and users� (child or adult) satisfaction to best of its calibre. Semi Fowler beds made from this company are made available to the clients with their own consummate specifications to meet the exact requirements amidst unsurpassed potential inclusive of the feasible cost in adjoining competition.

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Tlc Kit

We are offering tlc kit square / rectangular glass plate & glass spray man alum. / brass applicator, as per requirement aluminium carrier, spotting jug, silica gel thin layer drawing rac developing chamber pipette 0.1 ml.

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Expiratory Valves

Cat. No. D-AN 5011 INTRODUCTION  The connectors and valves are accessories that are manufactured by Ramedico. They are of the highest quality. This makes them able to last long and perform without any defect in their structure. They are also made to fit in with all anesthetic products and machines. The safety measures n these accessories are most important. Ramedico makes it primary that there is no leakage through these valves and connectors to maintain a safe zone for the patient and doctors. They can also be operated easily. They are quick to assemble and remove as whenever desired. Also they come in different sizes to fit different anesthetic needs.  

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INTRODUCTION  Among the anesthesia products, airways are one of the most common equipments. It is used to administer the regular flow of the anesthetic agents. It is used to give administered effect of the individual anesthetic agents for better results.  Rmedico  manufactures some of the highest quality.    These airways differ in shape and size to meet the needs of specific patients. The higher quality of these airways also helps to maintain a regular and controlled air flow to help the patient remain in a controlled state of consciousness. Also they can be used over time recurrently with equal efficiency every time.  

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Bougie Catheter is a product which finds usage in the anesthetic processes. They are designed to be of particular size and also have a defined end to assist in the process of maintaining effective anesthetic conditions. These Bougie Catheters have been designed by Ramedico that they find international acceptability. They are also of the highest quality in order to maintain safety standards for the patients.   The Bougie Catheter is used for post extubation and intubation into the laryngeal inlet. The product is highly useful when it hard for the anesthesiologist to locate the vocal chords and find where out the position of the larynx. The product also helps to insert the tubes in the oral and nasal cavity and also does not cause any discomfit to the patient.  

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INTRODUCTION  An autopsy work station has been the most useful items in the autopsy segment. The table is used for dissecting the dead body and finding the causes of death. It can also be used to examine the the various body parts that may interest a medical practitioner. The autopsy work station manufactured by Ramedico comes with standard dimensions and designs. They are made in accordance with the specifications to suit the needs of the person performing the autopsy. They are of standard height and breadth which keeps a body in the right place and at the right height to operate. The sides of the table are also bordered which keep the body in place and do not let it escape the dimensions of the table. The material used in constructing the table is stainless steel. This gives it strength to sustain heavy weight and also makes it durable with time. it also comes with a shelf to place the tools that may be required during the autopsy. This can also be used to keep records of the autopsy findings the body. The autopsy work station also has wheels which can used to transport it easily form one place to another.

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INTRODUCTION  One of the precise and accurate types of pipettes includes piston-driven air  displacement pipettes which functions via order of vacuum based modus  operandi. The conical-shaped end of these pipettes is a detachable part  and requires to be changed every now or then so as to avoid contamination  from one sample and the next.  Provided at feasible price by  RAMEDICO   Pvt. Ltd. Pipette Tips Blue certifies of superiority and hygiene fulfilment    Along with Following Features :-    Easily disposable and removable  Sterile   Volume measure range of (200-1000) μL   Consistently high quality  Clean room manufacture  Less sample loss  Bulk packaged, Racked, Tip Box Only highly polished tooling equipment is used in the manufacturing of  Ramedico  Pipette Tips Blue so that no parting agents are needed.  Eminently they are designed with thinner walls and finely tapered tip  construction which maintains complete fluid working with smaller volumes.  Provided with prominent hydrophobic inner surface, it enables even the  viscous fluids dispersion with negligible retention. Free of DNA, Dnase,   ATP, trace materials, trace organics, PCR inhibitors, Progens, this product  is pure virgin polypropylene.  Planned and crafted with innumerable size of  nozzle inset and seal area according to requirement, the pipette tip secures  leakage from being possible during the process. Ergonomically designed  our product is efficiently comfortable, safe and accurate to use. We are esteemed and reputed company in market of pharmaceuticals  equipment and accessories. Entire product range, manufactured at  RAMEDICO Sun Labtek is anodyne and steadfast. We are here to bestow  global-class experience to our domains amidst full-proof eminent  Ramedico products.

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abdominal supports

INTRODUCTION  Carrying extra weight can be painful, whether it be pregnancy, bariatric support, or recovering from surgery. Abdominal Binders can offer back support, hernia relief comfort and lumbar stabilization as well to the patients.  RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek offers a wide range of abdominal supports which provide both relief and an all-around trunk support experience with immense comfort. Our competent masterminds at  RAMEDICO  offer a diverse selection of Abdominal Supports for your clinic as well as personal needs.  In addition to unisex supports, we provide Abdominal Supports designed specifically for women and men, separately.  Our engineers understands that no two bodies are exactly alike, hence most of our abdominal binders come with an adjustable hook and loop closure system to ensure the support fits your body comfortably. RAMEDICO quality Abdominal Support can be worn to support a sagging abdomen and help return internal organs to normal position.  We have dexterously crafted more than 10 types of Abdominal Supports for different patients to be used for miscellaneous purpose. Abdominal Supports manufactured and supplied by  RAMEDICO  Pvt Ltd. :- .    Pediatric abdominal supports .    Elastic/ Non Elastic Abdominal Binder .    Better Binder Abdominal Support .    Universal and Unisex Abdominal Binder .    Four-Panel Abdominal Binder .    Comfort Universal Rib Belt .    Core Fit Lumbosacral Belt .    Dual  Pull Elastic Crisscross Lumbosacral Belt .    Triple Pull Elastic Lumbosacral Belt With Pad .    Baby Hugger Lil Lift Maternity Support Whole range of Abdominal Supports are anti-rashes in nature and are friendly to skin. We have tested each unit prudently to provide flawless equipment in market as well as to our clients.

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traction kits

INTRODUCTION  Traction Kit is a complete equipment for cervical and pelvic tractions in sitting or sleeping postures which contains traction twine, spreader piece, head strap and traction elevator.  RAMEDICO  Sun Labtek is engaged in offering Traction Kit with terrific unparalleled features and eminence. This product is designed and developed with utmost precision by our engineers and technicians, who hold expertise over their respective domain. They design products of  RAMEDICO  while taking into consideration requirements of the clients and defined. The stirrup straps, offered in this kit, are fabricated amidst aired anti-adhesive rubber foam. With our specialized kit a specifically designed and developed extra-long retentive dressing is supplied.  Salient Features and Benefits of  RAMEDICO  Traction Kits:- .    Traction belt is premeditated to bestow traction to the lower spine, including the lumber and sacroiliac sections. .    Delivers traction of the lumbosacral section for relief of low back  pain and to maintain  normal alignment of the vertebrae RAMEDICO Traction Kit is a complete apparatus designed to provide traction to the cervical and upper dorsal vertebras. Our Traction Kit provides relief from pressure by stretching the musculature and connective tissue components of the cervical spine. It expands the space between intervertebral joint and boots out pressure on the anterior vertebral bodies. Configurations of  RAMEDICO  Traction Kit is also convenient for home use and its controlled continuous traction aids healing the pain faster than ever. We have taken each measure to provide comfort to our domains and users and hence, it is easy to be used and maintained.

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INTRODUCTION  Blood Pressure means the pressure  of blood in the arteries or vessels flowing throughout the body. The pressure of blood varies person to person as strength of heart beat; volumes of blood pumped are differ in different people. The Medical Instrument which is used to measure or monitor blood pressure of a person called as  Sphygmomanometer . A  Sphygmomanometer  consist many accessories like an Inflatable cuff (a measuring unit), and a manually operated bulb and valve or a pump which can be operate electrically. These devices can be in manual form or Digital form. Basically Blood Pressure measured in millimeter of mercury) (mmHg) by manual Sphygmomanometer.  Manual Sphygmomanometer  require a stethoscope also and used by medical practitioners. Digital or electric form can be used or operate without any training but these are not accurate as mercury instruments.  RAMEDICO Sun Labtek manufactures and supplies likewise  BP machines  and its spare accessories with automatic/ manual monitors, rubber bulbs and armlet. The machine is quite easy to use even at homes. Upper arm blood pressure monitor is consistent and gives accurate results to the users. These monitors are available in different size i.e. small, medium and large.  Key Features and Benefits RAMEDICO BP Accessories:-     Reliable and durable    Measures fast and accurate BP    Easy to be operated by doctors, physicians as well as ordinary people Ramedico is a trustworthy company well known by the people in the field of supply of excellent and superior quality of health and medical products at very reasonable prices.

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INTRODUCTION  Gloves , which are made by Rubber called as Rubber Gloves. Rubber Gloves are very useful in household work as well as in medical and industrial field also. The main purpose of Wearing gloves is to protect hands while performing any task involving chemicals and other hazardous substance.  Rubber Gloves  can be use while performing any household work. It protects the hands from detergent and other hazardous chemicals. In hospitals also there is a huge demand of Rubber gloves as doctors, nurses and other medical professional use these gloves while performing their duties on daily basis. These  Rubber Gloves  keep them safe from germs and other infections. It becomes necessary to use Rubber Gloves for the heath of patients as well as care worker.  Many types of  Rubber Gloves  are availed by our company i.e. Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Medical Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Disposable Gloves etc. Each Gloves has its different features and can be use according to the task to be done. Rubber Gloves can be disposable as well as reusable. RAMEDICO is engaged in the field of manufacturing, trading and supplying of  Rubber Gloves  made by high quality material by using advance technology. These  Rubber Gloves  are available in different size & style, different designs and different colour options.  Key Features:    Highly Flexible    Excellent water resistant capacity    Skin friendly    Tear resistance    Proper Gripping and handling comfort RAMEDICO always try to meet the needs and requirement of its clients as these gloves are designed by using quality rubber in compliance with market norms

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INTRODUCTION  Helmet serves  as head-cover and is of leather, plastic or strong metal.  Helmets are useful as safety gear to prevent injuries in an uncontrolled environment. The main purpose of wearing these helmets is to protect heads of the workers from injuries while performing their tasks.  Helmets  which are used for different purposes have different designs. Helmets give protection only if it is fit well and which is comfortable. One should choose the helmet that meets the safety standards only. It has become mandatory to wear helmet who is riding the two wheeler or the workers who are working on the construction or mining field and for those who are involved in dangerous work activities like fire fighter, soldier, Policemen, rock climber etc.     One needs good safety  helmet  according to the circumstances in which it has to perform its task as a wide range of helmets are availed by us at RAMEDICO Sun Labtek.   RAMEDICO is a leading provider of safety helmets including Rigid Hats, Fire Fighter and Rescue  Helmets  made by tall quality material after taking care of Industrial Safety Standards. These  Helmets  are available amidst different sizes and classes, different designs and different colour options which provides optimum safety to the users from any kind of injuries. Key Features:    Hard Material with high quality    Comfortable    Light Weight    Different Models    Available in Matt and glossy finish Ramedico always try to supply only those products to clients which meet the safety standards and which also meet the needs and requirement of its clients.

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vaginal douche spray

INTRODUCTION  Vaginal Douche is basically a method or process of rinsing or cleaning the vaginal area by the flow of water or another solution into the vaginal cavity to clean the vaginal discharge or other contents. There are many types of douches available in the medical stores and druggist containing antiseptics and different type of fragrances.  Vaginal Douche Spray  is a medical instrument which is used to apply a douche or to perform the process of vaginal douche.  Vaginal douche spray  comes in shape of bulb with plastic nozzle and made by high quality natural rubber. It is also used in various hospitals and medical centers during surgery and medical procedures.  Vaginal Douche Spray  should be use as per direction of the doctor as there are many disadvantages of the same also like vaginal infection, irritations etc.  We manufacture various types of medical equipments and instruments including Vaginal Douche spray with plastic nozzle which can be use by women as per direction of the doctors. It is made by superior quality of natural rubber which is tested and approved as per Industrial standards and norms. There is huge demand of these  Vaginal Douche Spray  in various hospitals and medical centers. These are available in disposable form as well as reusable. Key Features include:    Can be sterilize easily (Reusable)    Durable    Easy to handle    Fine finish These products prepared by our esteemed workers are much reliable and safe as RAMEDICO conducts safety-test to ensure satisfaction of its customers and products� users

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Sun Lab Tek - Shaking Machine

We are offering sun lab tek - shaking machine / bottle shaker. crc /ms sheet housing duly painted fitted with ¼ hp heavy duty motor no. Of oscillation fixed at 200 " 5 per minute supplied with top platform rod on/off switch with carrier for flask, test tube rack bottles etc. speed of motor unaffected by normal line voltage fluctuations or loading

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