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Every business, which establishes its presence on Facebook makes a commitment to be a reliable Facebook friend. Your emphasis should remain on being a friend, not on selling your products or being a customer help desk. The queries of your customers relating to any of the product or service you are offering can be answered through a blog. Being careful particularly on Facebook is essential as it is an aspect of social media marketing, which helps in building a brand image for your business.

If you wish to improve your chances of success on the Facebook, follow these basic rules for launching and managing your business related account on social media.

Avoid 'I' Statement
Avoid using 'I' statement for your business; rather focus on 'they' or 'we' while speaking about your business. Instead of using 'I will be... ' use 'we will be', as it look more appropriate and professional. The same applies for the responses you are sending to the fans' comments.

Emphasis on quality, not quantity
The quality of Facebook fans' of your brand matters more than the quantity you add in your fans' list. Rather than focusing on adding numbers, lay emphasis on the quality of the relationships you maintain with your fans'. If you maintain high standard in the quality, then the quantity will definitely increase through referrals and word of mouth publicity.

Avoid heavy self promotion
Always remember that, what you are doing on Facebook is social networking not social selling. Your customers didn't expect you to be pushy in their social time. Limit the number of updates you send to your fans', this will help you in maintaining credibility of your organization. If your keep on updating them about every small thing, they may turn blind towards your messages or may detach them from your brand.

Engage yourself with your Facebook fans'
Make it a regular habit to thank your fans' on their comments and questions. Also, answer the questions and comment back on timely basis. Appreciating the videos or photos posted by the fans' on your wall gives a positive impression. Visiting business Facebook page with unanswered questions and comments gives negative feedback to the fans' so keep a tab on it.

Be transparent and authentic
Being genuine and transparent for your mistakes makes you an authentic organization. Make your best efforts to resolve any issue and don't forget to post an action you have taken for resolving the issues.

Update your status regularly
Post status updates, images, videos and other content on regular basis for keeping your fans engaged and interested in your account. Having a blog, setting up news feeds etc. automatically pulls fresh content onto your Facebook page.

Remember to be a friend on Facebook and do not take your Facebook fan page as a tool for promoting your brand. Through Facebook you provide a place to the customers where they can be your friend and feel comfortable to share their opinion and enthusiasm about your offerings. If you become successful in providing such a platform then you are on the right path and always remember to operate your brand on Facebook efficiently.

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