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Our Complete range of products are Vigilance & Conduct Rule Training, Stress Management Training, Inventory Management Training & Consultancy, Contract Management Training and Import Management Training & Consultancy.

Vigilance & Conduct Rule Training

Every Government employee is governed by certain service and Conduct Rules. He has been provided with rules , regulations , Procedures  and detailed guidelines for the day to working in the area for which he has been appointed. He is supposed to work within the guide line in public interest.   Details : At any stage if he is found to be working violating the rules , regulations and prescribed procedures, he is subject to be vigilance net as per the conduct rules. An enquiry committee will be constituted  to fix the responsibility and punishment for the misconduct. During the training we deliberate and train the participants for the detailed procedure.  Minimum training Two days.

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Stress Management Training

In the present environment of competition and speed stress has became a  normal for the specially senior executives. Competition is increasing day by day and same is speed. Competitors are trying to enter and snatch the market of other competitor company. Executive has to deliver the goods, services or result a head of the schedule not only for the survival of him and his company but for the future growth of both employer and employee and also to kill his competitor.   Details : To overcome the stress of work , we have designed Two day program. During the program we discuss and practices with relaxation exercises to proper planning the day do day activities for increased efficiency and reduced stress.

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Inventory Management Training & Consultancy

In to days competitive world stores has became an important area. Though some time we also talk about the ZERO inventory , but it is not possible in India excepts for some of the component.  Customer satisfaction and faster delivery with minimum inventory and minimum delivery time is mantra of success and also customer satisfaction. The marketing department wants maximum inventory to meet his customer demand ,   whereas the finance wants minimum blockage  of funds in inventory . Therefore we need to manage win win situation of maximum customer satisfaction with minimum inventory.   Details : Thus we need have efficient storage facilities to meet both manufacturing demand and supply of finished goods to the customer with adopting the concepts like ABC, VED , FSN, GOLF & EOQ etc.. We have designed Two- Three days program for stores and Inventory Management for the executives of Industry and for the Government.

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Contract Management Training

Contract Management is the area for every authority handling the process and execution of contract related work must have the deep knowledge of the area for which the contract is framed with all kinds of legal issue. The knowledge of Law of The land, Indian contract act, sales of goods act, Sales Tax, Customs and excise , arbitration act, and law of the country if for completion of contract two or more country are participants. The Contract can be an offer of appointment, Service Contract, works contract, Sales Contract , Purchase Contract or labor contract . Each and every contract is specialized contract. We have designed Two day program for Contract Management for Sr. Executives.

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Import Management Training & Consultancy

After the India Became the member and Signatory of WTO and GAAT the world has became a Global village. Industry / Government and Indi duals are free to have trade of Import and Export from any country without any restrictions excepts restricted and banned items by GOI and also trade from enemy countries. The license raj is over and free trade regime is started . All local Industries are required to compete from manufacturers and suppliers from across the world. To understand the global trade one must have the proper knowledge of Import and Export procedure, documentations and Payment methodology including the procedures of Custom clearance.   Details : We have designed three day program for Import and Export for the executives of industries, Hospitals Government research and Educational Institution.

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Right To Information Training

RTI act was approved by Government by an act of Parliament in 2005 to bring transparency and accountability in the functioning of the Government. Every citizen of this country has right to information of the Government working. Each Ministry or Department is required to appoint a Public Information Officer in the all the establishment under them.  He is required to provide all the information’s as requested by the information seeker, except  the Information under the exemption category.  During the training we provide details knowledge to the participants about the act, PIO, APIO, Appealing authority including powers of CIC  and penalty provisions for not providing the information in time to the information seeker. Minimum Training  Duration Two Days

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Reservation & Concession Training

The Government of India in its constitution has made provisions for reservations and certain Concessions in recruitment in the Government Jobs to the weaker sections of the Society including for the other backward classes. Government has reserved certain percentages of Jobs to Sc/St/OBC in Government Jobs up to the lowest grade of class I. The provision of reservation I and percentage  differ from state to state based on the percentage of  population of the particular state of the respective category.  The reservation in educational Institutions is also available to the weaker sections as per the provision in the Indian constitution.   Details : During the Training we discuss about the constitutional provisions, Relaxations and Concessions during recruitment and promotions too. Preparation of Roster and Maintenance and operation of Roster is another vital area. The program require Minimum 2-3 days for proper training to executives of an organization

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Supply Chain Management Training & Consultancy

Supply Chain Management is an important area for any organization, weather it is an Industry or Government  . The economy, efficiency, team work, future growth and profitability of the organization. The efficient use of Money in procurement of Man  Power, Materials, Machinery are the key mantra for any organization for its success and sustainability in the  global competitive environment.   Details : During the training we deliberate latest development in the area of SCM for the increased profitability of an organization. Minimum training duration is for  three to five days.

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Warehouse Management Training & Consultancy

Effective and efficient Warehouse Management directly effect the profitability of an Industry. The size, location, height of warehouse, Materials handling equipment required for efficient and safe handling  of items. In the warehouse mostly Finished goods are stocked. The ware house is to be designed based on Industry finished goods to be stored. Ware house at Factory Promises, Regional, state and at district level or it may be at different locations in the same City. It all depends on Industry to Industry. Whether to have own warehouse or third party  are to be decided the management. We design the training program based on the Industry need for efficient and economic handling of finished goods to increase the profitability of Industry with maximum customer satisfaction. The Minimum Two days program is desirable for any Industry.

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e-Procurement & e-Auction Training & Consultancy

The procurement process is a highly specialized nature of job in Government as well as for Industries. The sustainability of any organization depends on efficient , economic and transparent procurement system. It may be procurement of Goods or services or Man Power or award of works on we can take any type of award of contract is a very highly specialized job. In Government we spent Public Tax payer’s money . Each and every paisa is required to spent in most economic and transparent manner . Since each and every employee is answerable to public for the act and omissions also the good work done by him out of the funds spent from consolidated fund of Indian Government. Similarly each paisa spent for procurement for any Industry effects the profitability of Industry.   Details : Use of IT play vital role in e procurement and e auction . It provides the transparency, efficiency and speed in the process . we can do the work  much faster than by doing manually with accuracy and little or no scope for misusing the authorities in the process. We have designed Two day program for e procurement and e Auction for the executives of Government as well as Industries to get maximum profitability , speed, accuracy, efficiency and transparency in day to day business.

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Recruitment & Promotion Training

Recruitment is an important area for any organization, whether it is a manufacturing organization or Government Institution. Human resource is an asset to the organization. The efficiency of an organization is completely depends on the quality of manpower selected, training to them and ultimately proper utilization of manpower to meet the goal of the organization in most efficient and economic manner. Therefore Manpower planning, training and carrier progression is most vital area.

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VMI Training & Consultancy

VMI is the latest mantra in Stores and Inventory Management. VMI is very much use full tool for avoiding over stocking, under stocking, stock out, obsoleteness  and surplus inventory. VMI is very much use full tool for Hospitals, Electric city boards, transport sector and of course manufacturing sector.   Details : This is just one day program for the executives responsible for manufacturing, servicing and stores  division.

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Logistics Management Training & Consultancy

Logistics is the area where we spent maximum after the Raw Material. Logistics expenditure start at procurement of Raw Materials, components, components Raw Materials, transportation of  Packaging, return packaging, transportation of rejected or serviceable, WIP movement, to the ware house movement of finished goods, to regional warehouse to distributors warehouse, to the retailers warehouse. Till your end product or finished goods ultimately reach the end consumer, we need the logistics at each and every stage. Decision is required to be be taken to have our own logistics arrangement or third of forth party logistics arrangement based on the economic factors to the Industry for increased profitability in the competitive global business environment.

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Purchase Management Training & Consultancy

Purchase management is highly specialized technical nature of job for any Industry or the Government Institutions. Each and every organization is required to have highly specialized manpower for the purchase function. The executives of Purchase are not only suppose to know the latest purchase procedure, guide lines of government but should also know the Sales Tax / VAT, Excise and Custom act, import and export procedure , FEMA , service tax, local tax rules.   Details : The executive is required to have the complete knowledge of Raw Materials , Finished goods, BIS, ISO and other standard as per the organization requirement. Make or by, local or Foreign source. Price and Cost, Principals of Purchase , and cost  & price, Tender Procedure etc. We  have designed a three days program on Purchase management for the executives.

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