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5 Steps To Build An Online Business Directory

By: Admin In: Business Last Updated: 2014-09-05

which lists all businesses within same category. Businesses can be categorized. An Online Business directory is a website or printed listing of information by business type, location, activity, or size. Online Yellow Pages is a type of business directory similar to the traditional phone book. Starting an online business directory can be pretty easy, but if someone has no clue of where and how to start then the steps mentioned below can be helpful in getting started.

Step 1 - The first step is to know what the target market is going to be, in other words what kind of businesses does one eventually wants to include in his new business directory. If one already has a current business online or offline then he will already know his target market. However, in case one has no idea about the target market than some research is required.

Step 2 - Buying or registering the right domain name for a new online business directory will be the most important thing. A good domain name should not be longer than 2-3 words, and it should contain the name of the organization and the word directory in it and should always be a .com, otherwise he can go for the .net domain if the .com domain is already taken and is not for sale. After finding the domain name for new online business directory, it is time to register it.

Step 3 - After the registration of domain name, it is time to find a hosting company. It is recommended to look for a web hosting company with considerable years of experience in the industry with a wide client base.

Step 4 - Now, it is time to build the directory. It can be done in different ways but it all comes down to the amount of money one wishes to spend. If money is not an issue for someone, then hiring a PHP coder is recommended. Get them to build a custom solution, this way the new business directory will stand out from all the other cookie cutter directories that are operating online.

Step 5 - Now comes the final step which will promote the new business directory. This can be done with or without spending money. Joining online forums and discussion groups related to the business directory, submitting the directory to other free link directories online, sending out emails to friends or customers and asking them to link back to the directory, etc. are free options. While, starting Google AdWords campaign to instantly drive traffic to directory, buying some paid links from other websites similar to the business directory, submitting the directory to Yahoo directory and advertising in offline newspapers are few paid options.

These 5 steps can help any individual in setting up a new online business directory and successfully driving traffic towards it.

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