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Import/export - Building a Profitable Home Based Business with Zero Capital

By: Admin In: Business Last Updated: 2011-04-15

'Importing and Exporting' is one of the oldest types of businesses in the world and require just lesser start-up capital as compared to manufacturing a product. In the global market a tremendous profit can be achieved by Importing and Exporting various products. By having a basic knowledge of products and the relevant industry, one can gain maximum profits even while managing the business from home. Some commonly imported and exported products like jackets, cell phones, and DVD'S are in much demand these days. Below mentioned are few tips which you need to take into consideration while starting an export or import business from home:-

Having Contacts: Creating contacts is the first and foremost part which plays a very significant role in the growth of a new business. You will need to contact many exporters/importers which may not be an easy task for new business starters. But you can search through Internet as there are many buyers and sellers who are dealing in various kinds of products.

Go the extra mile for customer satisfaction: Try and keep your customers happy by providing them exactly what they require. This will help your business expand in the long run.

Planning also plays an important role in expanding your business: You should do a detailed planning of the goals and objectives of your business like operating as a sole trader, partnership or limited company. You will be required to travel around for finding out the products. There are millions of products available in the market which can make you rich once you import them into your domestic market. Most importantly, the proper marketing of a product grabs the attention of the buyers and sellers. Device a fool proof marketing strategy and you can make a lot of cash very quickly.

So in the nutshell, the success of an import/export business depends on how you implement the above mentioned points. So get it right by keeping these concepts in mind and you can start a business right from the confines of your home with attractive returns in the long run.

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