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Useful Tip For Sales: Building Rapport On Phone

By: Admin In: B2B Last Updated: 2011-02-24

The use of phone in B2B world has become mandatory. Every B2B sales person has to make use of a phone to establish contacts or build fruitful relationships with prospect customers. In this whole process, great rapport with the customers can be built, by just using your voice as a tool. The best tip to gain rapport with your customer on phone is by using voice as a primary means. And, avoiding this tip may not bring positive results and then the rest just depends on sheer luck. No rapport with customer or prospect means limiting the level of trust building. So, it is essential to form rapport with the customers.

The key of building rapport with the clients on phone is by voice matching. The trick to match voice is quite simple. All you are required to be is focused.

  • Firstly, listen to the way, your prospect or customer speaks.
  • Have some open ended questions so that you can make an idea of how the customer speaks.
  • Then accordingly, as per their way of speaking, respond and match up their speed as well as volume.
  • When you speak exactly opposite to their way then it can be an issue. So, keep on practicing at different volumes as well as different speeds.
  • The best tip can be to flex the delivery of your words as per the way of speaking of the person you are talking to. Therefore, in sales effort, flexing voice as per the customer is significant.
  • Now, once you start matching your speed and volume as per the customer, make notes of the important words or key phrases that the clients use. Keep on making notes in a notepad so that you can use those words time and again with the prospect/customer. It is stupid to rephrase what they say, indeed use the words or phrases in the same manner as they use. Obviously the words that they use have extra meaning for them and these words are preferably their trigger points.

Following these simple ways can surely develop a rapport with them. Apart from this, use emotionally charged phrases as they have more energy behind them

Check List:

  • Form A Mental Picture Of Your Prospect Or Customer
  • Have a word with the customer/prospect and clear your mind by having an internal talk
  • Maintain a swift yet steady emotional state
  • Be focused on the purpose

After reading the write-up, you must have got an idea that voice matching is a key to building rapport with the customers or prospects. Hence, it is quite essential to talk to the prospect in the same pitch as he/she does.

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