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Submersible Pumps

We are leaders in the market for providing best range of Submersible Pump

submersible pump

We are offering submersible pump
pumping water from the abandoned and closed mines the depth of 1000 m and more!

for pumping water to the liquidated mines used submersible type ecv electropump units, which consist of a multistage centrifugal pump, driven by a submersible water-filled motor with the applied voltage 3000 or 6000v, current-carrying cable, pressure pipes, transformer.
Operating experience electroloading pumping installations identified a number of significant drawbacks: low reliability of the water-filled motor bearing units, seals, the inadmissibility of producing multiple restart the pump, as well as the lack of corrosion and wear resistance of the impeller in a pump pit water.
The disadvantages also include greater complexity of assembly and disassembly of the pump in the shaft, which is associated with a complete disassembly of pipe sump of the column.
Proposed that the most appropriate way to safety by pumping mine water submersible centrifugal pumps hydroturbine drive, which has the above-mentioned shortcomings of the pumps ecv.
Submersible centrifugal pump with hydroturbine drive consists of ground and downhole equipment.
Submersible turbine pump equipment is proper, including the hydraulic turbine and a centrifugal pump, mounted coaxially in the general case. The torque from the turbine to the shaft of a centrifugal pump is transmitted through the clutch.
Ground equipment includes a serial-type centrifugal pump driven by the cns conventional induction motor and the pipeline that supplies the liquid flow to the turbines and turbo mounted coaxially in a tube of larger diameter.
Submersible pump pumped mine water, waste water, rotating the turbine fall into the annular space and then the total flow of water off at the surface.
Approximate volume of water required to drive the turbines is 30% of the pumped fluid from the mine.
Pump gidravlicheskoyturbinoy can pump water from depths up to 1, 000 meters or more, while developing the performance of up to 1, 500 m3/hr.
Submersible centrifugal pump with a hydraulic turbine has several advantages relative to the submersible pump driven by a water-filled induction motor:
- missing a submersible electric motor, the most difficult and unreliable site pump;
- no cable tokopodayuschy great length, which, together with the pump is lowered into the borehole;
- allowed multiple re-starts and turn off the pump;
reduced size and weight of the pump due to the possibility of increasing the frequency of rotation;
- manufacture of parts for the turbines and centrifugal pumps are used duplex stainless steel and strengthening coatings increase the corrosion and erosion resistance, and abrasion resistance, which improves the warranty period of the pump up to 24 months from the date of commissioning;
- ease of installation and maintenance during operation, allowing for quick replacement without removing the turbo pipe columns.
Turbo pump is a submersible for pumping water from mines and geyser sources, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps pumps, centrifugal pumps, hydraulic pumps hydraulically turbo installation diagram:
1 - the guide tube with an oblique cut, 2 - a packer;
3 - suction tube; 4 - centrifugal pump;
5 - output of fluid from the pump and turbine;
6 - the turbine;
7 - tubing for the power supply working fluid (direct scheme);
8 - upstream and the borehole fluid;
9 - production casing pipe;
10 - fixing pipes in the trunk;
11 - system of cleaning and preparation of the working fluid, 12 - power surface pump;
13 - gauge valve.

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